We Are The Experts

Synergy Billing is the industry’s leading revenue cycle management firm working exclusively with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). By working in partnership, we help our clients operate more efficiently and increase access to health care services in over 125 FQHC locations nationwide.

How do our experts make it happen? We leverage our technology, business process optimization and what we call “the power of Synergy.”  Our strategies and proprietary methods unlocked more than $10,000,000 in unrealized revenue in the most recent calendar year.

Synergy Guarantee

We help CHC leaders turn their operation into  “the perfect machine” that consistently achieves health outcomes and bottom line results. Synergy clients net more dollars per claim AFTER subtracting Synergy’s fees than they were receiving before becoming a client.

Synergy’s service pays for itself


The Synergy Way

Since our company was founded in 2006, we have developed the best practices for billing and collections. We call this the Synergy Way – it is our methodology for delivering consistent quality. Each Synergy Billing employee receives rigorous training on the Synergy Way and our company’s operational procedures. Our blend of people, process and technology makes us uniquely different from any other RCM company.

Our Expertise

As a team, Synergy Billing is well versed in all aspects of community health centers. We are focused on being the number one solution provider for community health centers. We operate from our headquarters at the Fountainhead Campus in Holly Hill, Florida. Our expertise and competencies include (but are not limited to):

Synergy Billing FQHC Experts

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