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Understanding And Evaluating Your UDS Financial Data

A Private Training for C-Suite Executives

Dear Colleague,

2020 was a year full of unexpected changes, and loss for all of us. Leaders, such as yourself, have been at the front-lines and faced adversities never before realized. I’ve felt compelled to get involved and help. I’ve created this private training event specifically for you the CEO or CFO of a community health center to stabilize revenue and prevent further losses to bad debt. The content is proprietary in nature and extremely valuable. If you haven’t yet received an invitation I encourage you to request one below.

Stay hopeful and optimistic!


Jayson Meyer

Founder & CEO

About This Event

In this exclusive Live Training Event (valued at $199), M. Jayson Meyer will share tips and strategies that have helped other FQHCs understand their UDS financial data and offer strategies on improving their financial performance.

You completed the UDS report for your health center…but have you taken the time to review the findings? How did your health center’s UDS data turn out? With the stress of completing the UDS behind you, take some time to sit back and learn how to interrupt your data. Understanding your data will help you evaluate and see how you can improve your health center’s performance.

How You’ll Benefit

The average length of unpaid and uncollected claims greater than 90 days has increased by as much as 40 percent nationwide.

Many factors contribute to this growing disparity including but not limited to:

  • Back logs of denied claims related to telehealth and COVID testing
  • Low productivity from remote work and reduced collaboration
  • Difficulty hiring and retaining employees during the pandemic

We’ve helped FQHCs successfully navigate through COVID with minimal disruption to cash flow and maintain the continuity of billing and collections. Let Jayson and the Synergy Team help you:

  • Learn how to assess your current billing operations and develop a recovery roadmap
  • Learn how to make the “highest and best use” of the employees you have
  • Develop strategies for prioritizing the work and preventing bad debt
  • Learn about the most common problems impacting other FQHCs (and how to avoid them)


M. Jayson Meyer
CEO & Founder of Synergy Billing

Request Invitation March 9th 12:30
Request Invitation March 9th 3:00