Synergy Studies


At Synergy Billing we believe your success is our success. We focus exclusively on the medical billing needs of Federally Qualified Health Centers and we are experts on maximizing revenue and improving collections. Let us show you how actual Synergy clients have benefited from our Service.

In these case studies we've selected three actual clients from three different region of the country. The results portrayed here are not "best case scenarios" they are actual figures from typical Synergy clients. After examining the information you will clearly see why Synergy Billing is the number one choice for the billing needs of your FQHC. 

Our customer driven approach bridges gaps in distance and communication. We accomplish this by hosting a weekly teleconference where we review the billing operations and any hindrances to the revenue cycle. Synergy Billing clients experience the industry’s best results for billing and collections along with peace of mind that their revenue cycle is being managed by the industry’s best.

Mid-Atlantic Region - Client A

When client A contacted Synergy Billing their average monthly revenue was approximately $200,000.00 generated by 4,441 monthly patient visits. Based on their previous performance their yearly revenue was $2,400,000.00 with a patient load of 53,292. The average collection per visit was $45.00.

After signing with Synergy, average monthly revenue for client A increased to $405,000.00 and monthly patient visits increased to 4,900. The result was $4,860,000.00 in yearly revenue and patient visits increased to 58,800. Collections per visit increased to $82.00.

Revenue up: $2, 460,000.00

Patient visits up: 5,508
Collection per visit up: $37.00

Midwest Region - Client B

Client B had an average of 5,183 monthly patient visits that generated approximately $315,000.00 revenue each month. Their yearly revenue was $3,780,000.00 and the average collection per patient was $61.00.

Synergy was able to increase client B's revenue to $450,000.00 per month. Monthly patient visits also increase to 5,640. The yearly revenue increased to $5,400,000.00 and patient visits improved to 67,680. Collections per visits also increased to $80.00 per visit.


Revenue up: $1,620,000.00
Patient visits up: 5,484
Collection per visit up: $19.00

Western Region - Client C

Client C generated average monthly revenues of $513,000.00 from 8,142 patient visits. This equated to a yearly revenue of $6,156,000.00 and total visits of 97,704. Collection per patient visit was $63.00.

The Synergy revenue management system increased monthly revenue to $679,000.00 even though patient visits dropped to 7,836 per month. However, yearly revenue increased to $8,148,000.00 on 94,032 visits. Collection per visit improved to $87.00 per visit.


Revenue up: $1,992,000.00
Patient visits up: 3,672
Collection per visit up: $24.00