Corporate Profile


Box1Synergy Billing is the industry's leading revenue cycle management firm working exclusively with Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). By working in partnership, Synergy Billing clients are able to operate more efficiently and increase access to health care services. This is a direct result of the dramatic increases to cash flow and revenue that Synergy Billing collects for each client. Clients report average results of 10% - 15% increases to their net annual collections.

Our Service Pays For Itself

Box2Founded in 2006 by entrepreneur M. Jayson Meyer, Synergy Billing helps community health centers maximize revenue and improve the quality of patient care. Synergy Billing’s Executive Team has extensive experience managing and operating community health centers, along with an intimate understanding of the revenue cycle and billing challenges that community health centers face.

The Synergy Billing methodology is based around taking a pro-active approach to bring in revenue as quickly as possible. We employ the nation’s leading billing staff which is 100% based in the USA and as a company we are specifically focused on maximizing revenue. Most health centers collect 75% or less of what they bill. Synergy Billing clients experience results of 95% and better. Our services lead to an average increase of 10%-15% in health center revenue which many times offsets our service fee.

Through the course of serving community health centers, we have developed a great deal of specialized knowledge in all areas of FQHC operations. In turn, health center executives rely upon our expertise and we truly become partners, not just another vendor.