Thanks so much for taking time for this interview, Erin. Could you tell us a little bit about what you did before you joined Synergy Billing?

“Most recently, before joining Synergy, I opened, branded and was the Practice Manager for a Psychiatric clinic specializing in forensic psychiatry and addiction medicine. I had been in the medical office and medical billing field for over 10 years before Synergy, performing all types of functions at hospitals and private practices including front-desk supervision, claim processing, medical records associate functions, E.R. registration, hospitalist satisfaction coordinator, and I ran my own credentialing business.”

How has that prepared you for your role as Director of Integration?

“With my involvement in almost every aspect of the medical billing field, I am able to understand and provide resolution to a variety of different issues that may arise during initial assessments. The functions I performed with opening and managing a private practice has provided me with invaluable insight into the complexity of integrating new clients within Synergy.”

What motivated you to join Synergy Billing? What do you like best about working for Synergy?

“I saw an ad to join Synergy and was immediately drawn in by the culture. I wanted to belong to a company with big ideas. My favorite part about Synergy is the ability to bring ideas and suggestions to the table regardless of hierarchy.”

Share a bit about your department and what your department does. What is your vision for the Integration Department?

“Integration and Re-Integration is really going to be brand-new and fresh! The department will focus on standardizing the onboarding process for new clients and ensuring their continued success outside of Integration. Re-Integration will be focused on identifying any opportunities for improvement with already seasoned Synergy clients to ensure that they continue to meet standards and client expectations. My vision is to execute a flawless, and continuous cycle of new and existing clients that perform well above Synergy and client expectations.”