Revenue Service


The greatest struggle for any Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) or Community Healthcare Center (CHC) is providing high-quality patient care while keeping operational costs down. Receiving timely payments from patients and Insurance companies is vitally important in order to keep profits up. Efficient management of the revenue cycle is required to ensure success. This means the entire life of a patients account must be closely monitored.

The Synergy Process

GearsAt Synergy Billing our focus is on helping our clients maximize their revenue. We monitor all business processes of the revenue cycle to ensure peak efficiency. If it impacts or touches the revenue cycle our service covers it. When a patient is treated we track the entire process until the final payment is received. Our clients have peace of mind knowing the management of their revenue cycle in being handled expertly and efficiently by professionals. Also, for our service all costs are inclusive so there is no worry about additional costs.

We believe your success is our success. Our proven track record shows we are the industry experts on maximizing revenue and improving collections for FQHC’s and CHC’s. Statistics show Community Health Centers have average collection rates of 75% or less while Synergy Billing clients experience the industry’s best results with collection rates at 95% and higher. We contractually guarantee an 85% collection rate to our clients. Between our award winning customer service and the best results in the industry, Synergy Billing is the clear choice.