Revenue Cycle Assessments

An In Depth Look at The Best Practices For People, Process, & Technology

Billing and revenue cycle management are critical to the sustainability of any federally qualified health center (FQHC). Together they shape budgets and determine how many patients a health center will be able to serve. Often times health center executives are left to their own business acumen and sound business judgment to determine the most efficient and effective ways to manage the revenue cycle processes.

Most health center executives have never received professional training on the healthcare revenue cycle. Get an objective, third party review of business processes by engaging Synergy Billing.

Our revenue cycle assessments provide more than just metrics. While we do look at the revenue potential for your health center the most valuable components of the assessment also include a staffing analysis and recommended roles and responsibilities. We take an objective and subjective look at your people, processes, and technology then make recommendations for each.

Synergy Billing Assessments Include:

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