Collect and Recover Aged Receivables

Synergy can collect your oldest insurance balances before they become bad debt. Read more to learn how.

The global pandemic has wreaked havoc on community health centers. It has caused a massive backlogs of denied claims and increased A/R balances. The result has been less cash on hand and increases to bad-debt write-offs.

What once was lost now is found.

Collect and Recover Aged Receivables. Synergy’s A/R Recovery service is 100% performance-based. On a contingency basis, we analyze your oldest patient accounts greater than 90-days. We start by gathering claim status information about each account. We then scan your self-pay accounts to look for alternate insurance coverage. The final step is resolving any claim errors and collecting payment from insurance.

Each month you’ll receive a dashboard that shows why the visit or claim wasn’t previously paid and recommendations to improve your billing process. The outcome is previously discarded balances are converted to bottom-line revenue.

In 2019 HRSA Reports Health
Centers Had $581,006,913 In
Bad Debt Write-Offs

Is Your AR Way Too High?Is You Cash On Hand Very Low?Is Your Staff Too Busy To Work Denials?Is Your Board Stressed Out About Revenue?Is Your UDS Data Looking Weak?Are Your Write Offs increasing?Do You Need To Convert AR To Cash?

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Questions & Answers

How Much A/R Is Too Much A/R?

This is a great question! As a generally accepted benchmark, the Healthcare Finance Management Association (HFMA) recommends no more than 20% of your total A/R greater than 90-days from when the service was provided. At Synergy Billing the benchmark is 95% of receivables collected in 60-days or less.

How Does Synergy Turn Bad-Debt Into Bottom-Line Revenue?

Most health centers take an allowance for bad debt each calendar year and distribute this monthly as an allowance for bad debt. Thanks to the power of Synergy we convert previously discarded balances into bottom line dollars by minimizing bad debt write offs.

How Long Does It Take To Cleanup Aged Receivables?

Most engagements can be completed in 3-months or less. The lessons learned from our efforts can lead to improvements to your health centers financial and operational management.

How Do I Know If We Need Synergy’s Help?

There are a number of indicators to signal whether you need Synergy. If your staff was dis-placed during or after the global pandemic it is likely that denials accumulated. If you have experienced reduced cash flow and increases in aged receivables you should contact Synergy.

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