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The Synergy Difference

Everything about Synergy Billing is unique. The first thing that stands out is our people. We hold them to the highest standards possible but invest heavily in their education and training. Our philosophy is that in order to “be the best” we have to have the very best team of employees. Our team of award winning medical billers is one of the key ingredients in the “Synergy Secret Sauce.” With our rigorous employee-training program and incentives for results, you can expect nothing less than the best. There is no substitute for a Synergy Billing Specialist.

The next thing that truly makes us stand out from the competition is our focus on maximizing revenue versus simply billing claims. Upon being awarded any contract we perform a full and thorough assessment of all billing processes, software configuration, and open A/R balances. We compile data and then develop a plan of action that guides our efforts and helps to bring in additional revenue as quickly as possible. We place a great deal of emphasis on the initial scrubbing of claims and have billing specialists review every claim manually before submission.

Our manual claim review process is a unique and critical part of the success of our services. Since each claim is visually inspected and reviewed we are able to get more claims paid faster during the first submission. We work proactively to fix denials and errors before receiving ERA’s so that we can bring billing revenue in as quickly as possible. These components help us to maximize revenue versus simply billing for services rendered.

Our customer driven approach bridges gaps in distance and communication. We accomplish this by hosting a weekly teleconference where we review the billing operations and any hindrances to the revenue cycle. Synergy Billing clients experience the industry’s best results for billing and collections along with peace of mind that their revenue cycle is being managed by the industry’s best.