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Learn How to Maximize FQHC Revenue

Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) Collection Tips

Join us for our monthly informational webinar focusing on maximizing health center revenue. The webinar, hosted by M. Jayson Meyer President and CEO of Synergy Billing, will provide tips, tricks, and solutions for maximizing the revenue of your community health center.

FQHC Medical Billing Challenges

  1. Billing touches and impacts every part of an FQHC.
  2. Challenges such as 5010, Medicare, and ICD-10 make billing even more complicated.
  3. There are many different components and when something is broken it's difficult to pinpoint.
  4. Many CHC's often collect less than 75% of possible reimbursements.

m jayson meyer ceo synergy billingWhy Is FQHC Billing Challenging?

  1. Billing departments can be running successfully and then a key member of the team resigns
  2. Software changes can create chaos submitting claims.
  3. Insurances rules and regulations change as often as monthly.
  4. It’s easy for billing departments to be overwhelmed with day-to-day procedures and not have time for follow-up.
  5. There is little incentive for entry level staff to pursue every dollar.

Who Should Attend and How Long Does It Last?

Mr. Meyer's LIVE webinar lasts approximately 45-minutes. The presentation is designed for CFO's and other CHC executives. Attendees of the Synergy Billing educational webinar will have an understanding of the most common billing problems CHC's face along with recommendations for fixing these problems.

This webinar is provided free of charge to Federally Qualified Health Center managers and executives.

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