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Medical Billing for FQHC's & CHC's

Expert billing for fqch chcFor most FQHC executives medical billing and the revenue cycle are the two most challenging areas of a CHCs operations. Let's face it, the revenue cycle and medical billing process are complicated. The Revenue Cycle is a key process that touches and impacts every operational component within a community health center. Since we are dealing with money it is the life blood that allows us to operate. If it's broken cash flow dries up and it becomes impossible to serve our patients. It's especially frustrating when, as an executive, you aren't sure what is broken. One of our missions at Synergy Billing is to arm you with the data and analytics you need to make the best decisions and guide your organizations. As your trusted partners in maximizing health center revenue we are constantly striving to deliver you with the  t results and the best data and analytics.

While most community health centers report average collection rates of 75% and lower, Synergy Billing clients experience the industry’s best results with collection rates at 95% and higher.

Synergy Billing clients report their health centers collecting more of their revenue than ever before and since Synergy Billing directly connects to your practice management and electronic health record software there aren’t any software or licensing fees. To ensure that the entire revenue cycle is operating at peak efficiency Synergy Billing also oversees the insurance credentialing along with providing training for front office staff. As a Synergy Billing client you’ll rest easy knowing that the industry’s leading FQHC billing experts are managing your revenue cycle.

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